Announcing Movie Night!

Everyone Welcome!


Hey Everyone,

Long time no talk huh?

We’re back and want to keep the conversation about sexual violence and rape culture going. You are cordially invited to join us for February 21st 2014 at The Travelling Tickle Trunk for a movie and discussion.

  • Where: The Traveling Tickle Trunk 9923 – 82 Avenue
  • When: February 21, 8:15 PM
  • Price: No fee. If able to please bring a food bank donation

The Purity Myth
The Virginity Movement’s War Against Women

This alternately hilarious and infuriating new film adaptation of pioneering feminist blogger Jessica Valenti’s bestselling book makes a powerful case that evangelical Christians, right-wing politicians, and conservative activists have been using irrational fears around young women’s sexuality to undermine women’s autonomy and roll back women’s rights. In a wide-ranging analysis that moves from ‘purity balls’ and the abstinence movement to right-wing attacks on Planned Parenthood and women’s reproductive health care, Valenti targets the persistent patriarchal assumption that men know what’s best for women — and that a woman’s worth depends on what she does, or does not do, sexually. The result is a timely and clarifying look at the relationship between women’s equality, women’s sexuality, and a reactionary political movement that is working on multiple fronts to undermine both.

Travelling Tickle Trunk