Hello Friends,

Danielle here. Putting on my best Ira Glass voice in order to ask you to help us out this year with Slut Walk. We work hard to create an event that is responsive to the needs of our community and works towards addressing the diverse issues of victim-blaming faced by marginalized groups. That is why this year, we’ve lines up some amazing speakers to address our theme: “Race and Gender: Intersection and Inseparable Oppressions”.

We’re also putting out a call for art work for logos and posters. 

We believe in working together as a community and a part of that means showing appreciation for the efforts of others. Money isn’t everything, but it is one way we can help those who are helping us. It is important to Slut Walk Edmonton that we are able to pay our speakers and artists for their contributions. It’s just the right thing to do. 

However, that means we need the community to support us too. If you believe in the work that we do, we need you to donate. Please. Stop whatever you are doing and donate now. It’s important. Don’t put it off. You contribution will go towards proving food for the event, supplies for people to make signs, and paying the speakers and artists. 

We are collecting funds this year through an Indegogo Campaign. Go here to donate.