“Why the UCSB Shooter Has A Lot of Women Freaked Out”

I caught this when it was originally posted on Facebook, and it nearly pushed me to tears… If there’s only one post you can show someone about the happenings at UCSB, and the #yesallwomen hashtag on Twitter, this might be it.


Lynn Beisner: I realized today that a lot of guys might not understand why women are flipping out over the SB shooter. I can’t answer for every woman, but let me explain why this woman is flipped out:

Just about every woman, even those you consider ugly, have had at least one guy harass or threaten us because we didn’t have sex with him. They say outrageously violent things. For example, not too long ago I got a message from a guy who wanted to teach me a lesson by f-ing me up the ass with a broomstick.

What adds to our fear is the nasty things that men say about women online, where they tell the truth because they don’t fear censure. We are exposed to ever increasing levels of harassment and threats of violence.

One of the key ways that we have coped is by telling ourselves: “But no one is ever going to actually make good on those threats.”

And now we are having to face the fact that we have been lying to ourselves. We are not just at risk of being beaten or raped for our sexual choices. People can get mowed down with semi-automatic weapons.

We have to reevaluate how much danger we are really in, and that is terrifying.”