Paint Stardust

PaintPaint Stardust is a nonbinary, bigender, self described glitterpunk. Paint grew up in rural Alberta, and moved to Edmonton with their family when they were sixteen so that their family could access better services for their nonverbal brother with autism. Inspired by their brother, Paint wanted to improve supports for people with disabilities and so did their diploma in Disability Studies at Grant MacEwan University in 2010. They currently have an unfinished degree in Disabilities Studies and Community Rehabilitation from the University of Calgary, which mental health issues prevented them from finishing.

Paint came out as bigender a year ago, which was a major part of them healing from their mental health struggles. However, their experience has also been turbulent, as many people are not aware of the challenges that nonbinary people such as Paint face: surviving an assault for which charges were not pressed, as well as struggling to find inclusive living conditions and employment. However, living authentically has empowered Paint with their words and their art. Paint is a spoken word poet, and recently performed at NextFest in April, as well as having their mixed media art displayed at Remedy on 124 St. for the month of July. Paint is also a Zine writer and future Novelist; they have been hard at work on their soul horror fantasy novel “Exodus” which explores a fracturing of reality around gender boundaries.They also struggle with invisible and undiagnosed disabilities, including but not limited to: ADHD, an executive functioning deficit and recurring kneecap dislocations. Persistence however is their power and they feel blessed at this opportunity to share their words.

You can find them online at, on twitter as @paintstardust, on Instagram as @paintarya, at or at